Winter Getaway Escapes: Adventures in the Sunbelt

Brrrrr! Have you had about enough of the cold and ice for a while? Isn’t the thought of a getaway to a warmer climate just that little dose of somethin’ you need to help you cope with the arctic blasts and frozen tundra?

Stop dreaming and start packing! We’ve got three awesome winter getaway-to-someplace-much-warmer trips planned for you…all you need to do is decide which one suits your fancy and make your reservation. Then you can sit back, enjoy yourself and laugh at winter—because you know you’re outta here! Sound good? (Seriously, how can it not?)


Florida Coasts

If you’re looking for lots of sunshine, beaches and miles of coastline, this is the tour for you! We’ll whisk you away to sunny Florida and where you’ll enjoy a big sweeping loop around the gorgeous Florida coastline delighting in memorable sights and experiences. As we travel along the Florida Panhandle we will glide along the Gulf Coast, slip down to the very tip of Florida and soak in the show-stopping sunset in Key West. As we continue our journey up the East Coast of Florida, we’ll create more unforgettable memories of our getaway while soaking in Florida’s bright sunshine. (Feb. 2-13)





If your idea of a winter getaway includes soaking up lots of history and learning more about our nation’s past, this is your tour! We have lots of awesome historical sites and places of interest packed into our getaway to Texas. We’ll visit the Alamo, LBJ Ranch, Dealey Plaza, NASA Space Center, Fort Worth Stockyards, and many more memorable attractions. We’ll also journey to Corpus Christi where you can dip your toes in the Gulf of Mexico. This tour includes plenty of free time to explore, shop and take in the unique flavors of the Lone Star State. (Feb. 18-28) 




New Orleans & The Gulf Coast

Our getaway to the Deep South is mixed with plenty of attractions and lots of variety. We’ll visit battleships, take a shrimping boat tour and delight in free time in New Orleans. We’ll even traverse the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway which is the longest bridge in the world! Other attractions include visits to the French Quarter, the Mardi Gras Museum, World War II Museum, a swamp boat tour, antebellum mansions and even a tour of a working plantation and cotton gin. We’ll also tour the Vicksburg Battlefield, which was one of the most decisive battles of the Civil War. (Mar. 11-20)



Winter Getaways - The Elixir for the Winter Blues

Pick your getaway and shake off winter! Escape to a warmer climate, learn about our great country’s history, feast on unique cuisines, and make new friends—all while experiencing the rejuvenating warmth of the sun. If you have any questions at all, please contact us or call us at 866-277-8687.